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Why become an Educator?

Share your expertise, inspire athletes, and build a rewarding career in sports education. With SportsShare, your passion for sports becomes a powerful professional journey.

Broaden your impact

Reach a global audience eager to learn. SportsShare connects you with learners from all over the world, amplifying your teaching impact.

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Full creative control

Enjoy complete creative freedom in presenting your content. Craft your lessons and share your knowledge in a way that reflects your unique style.

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Monetize your knowledge

Your expertise is valuable. At SportsShare, we ensure that you are fairly compensated for your contributions to the sports community.

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Supportive community

Join a network of fellow sports educators. Share experiences, learn from each other, and grow together in a community that values your skills.

Our unique features

Discover how our platform is uniquely designed to support and elevate your journey as a sports educator. From content management to financial transparency, these features ensure your experience is efficient, rewarding, and tailored to your needs.

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1. Library

A secure cloud-based space to store and manage your content. Easily publish and update your content to your custom channel anytime, anywhere.

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2. Channels

Create and personalize your own channel. This is your space to showcase your unique brand and connect with your audience effectively.

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3. Dashboard

Track your success with real-time insights. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your reach, engagement, earnings, and more.

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4. Wallet

Transparent and easy financial management. Watch your earnings grow and seamlessly transfer funds to your bank account.

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5. University

A resource hub designed to elevate your online presence. From startup tips to advanced strategies, find everything you need for success at SportsShare University.

Hear from our global community of Educators

2-Time Olympic Medalist

"I share SportsShare's vision of connecting the world's best Educators to engage Learners looking to upgrade their skills, learn best practices, and particpate in socially constructive activities and core values, through an open-source knowledge-sharing platform."

Simon Whitfield
Triathlon - Life Coach

Para-Sport Governing Body

"At Sportability, we believe that everyone deserves tan opportunity to participate in sport. I strongly believe that our partnership with SportShare will enhance our inclusive mandates and play a critical role in furthering how we positively impact the province and our participants' experience in sport and quality of life."

Ross McDonald
Executive Director, Sportability BC

2-Year Premier League Veteran

Working with SportsShare has let me pass along the knowledge and coaching I've been lucky enough to receive through my professional career. It used to be that you could only coach players if you were in front of them, but with SportsShare we can help coaches and lids no matter where they are located.

Criag Forrest
Soccer - Skills Coach

National Governing Body

"We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, connect, and succeed. SportsShare will help Triathlon Canada break down barriers across thee country and make this a reality for our community of 22,000 members regardless of where your start ling is in the sport - be it chasing Olympic orParalympic performance goals, or simply discovering what you're made of."

Joe Morissette
CEO, Triathlon Canada

NHL Alumnus

“I believe Sports is one of the most important ways children and young adults grow and learn all the intangibles that go into being a well rounded adult. I am very proud to be a apart of SportsShare that is going to level the playing field of education in sports so all families have the same opportunity to chase their dreams and learn how to be part of a community."

Doug Lynch
Ice Hockey - Skills Coach

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Our FAQs provide clarity and guidance to help you maximize your presence and impact on SportsShare.

How do I become an Educator on SportsShare?

Click ‘Join Now’ on our homepage, fill in the necessary Educator application details, and then submit your experience or qualifications for verification. Once approved, you can start adding content to your custom-branded channel.

What are the different ways I can earn through SportsShare?

Educators earn a share of the subscription revenue, which is mostly proportionate to the engagement with their content. In the future, you will also be able to earn from premium content, events, and live coaching sessions.

Is it free to become an Educator?

Yes! As a token of our appreciation, we gift you your very first channel at no cost! This is your new space to share your knowledge and connect with passionate sports participants globally.

Are there helpful resources for setting up my channel and uploading content?

Yes, upon signing up, you'll receive access to SportsShare University within your Menu. Here you can access a library of helpful information to maximize all of your efforts on SportsShare. We also offer 24/7 email support for anything else you may need.

How often will I get paid for my contributions?

Payments to Educators are processed on demand through your SportsShare Wallet once a minimum of $10.00 USD is earned. Once processed, you'll receive a detailed report of your earnings along with the payout.

Can I collaborate with other Educators?

Yes! In addition to your first channel at no cost, we also providing you with a complimentary Learner account! This gives you full access to the wealth of knowledge the community has to offer, making it easy to connect with other Educators and stay at the top of your game.