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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Our FAQs provide clarity and guidance to help you get the most of your SportsShare experience.

What is SportsShare?

SportsShare is a pioneering community marketplace designed to revolutionize the way sports knowledge is shared and consumed globally. Dubbed the "MasterClass for Sports," our platform connects real people - athletes, coaches, and parents - with trusted educators who are looking to elevate their brands and monetize their knowledge. Our mission is to champion a culture of co-created value, inspiring a healthier sports community by making high-quality sports education accessible to all.

What makes SportsShare unique in the creator economy?

SportsShare uniquely blends the best practices from consumer-first and creator-first platform models to cater to one of the largest and most underserved niche markets in the creator economy. We focus on empowering sports educators to disseminate their knowledge widely and enabling learners to access quality, personalized sports education. This dual approach addresses the market's need for a platform that supports both content creation and consumption within the sports education niche.

What is the cost of joining SportsShare for learners?

Learners can access SportsShare's exclusive content for only $3.99 USD per month per sport, with the majority of this fee going directly to the educators. This model ensures that our platform remains affordable for everyday sports participants while adequately compensating educators for their valuable contributions.

How does SportsShare solve problems faced by sports educators and learners?

For educators frustrated with the lack of control and financial benefits on consumer-first platforms and overwhelmed by the complexity and cost of creator-first platforms, SportsShare offers powerful, industry-leading tools at no initial cost. This enables them to launch, manage, and grow their online sports education business. For learners, especially those finding professional coaching expensive and online sports education credibility questionable, we provide exclusive access to personalized content from the world's best educators at an affordable price, ensuring a credible and supportive learning environment.

How can educators and learners benefit from joining SportsShare?

Educators can grow their online business with our comprehensive suite of tools and support, reaching a wider audience without upfront costs. They benefit from a platform that values their contribution and shares the majority of revenue with them. Learners gain access to a vast library of exclusive, highly personalized content from renowned sports educators for a nominal fee, fostering skill improvement and goal achievement within a supportive community.

What is SportsShare's vision for the future?

Our vision is to become the world's number one destination for accessible, high-quality sports education. By continuously expanding our offerings and improving our platform, we aim to empower more educators to transform their sports knowledge into thriving online businesses and enable learners to achieve their personal sports goals. Through this, we aspire to contribute significantly to a healthier, more vibrant sports community worldwide.